What should go into thinking about a fantasy world to make it more real?

I rested on my futon this morning and watched the morning light grow stronger and illuminate my patchwork curtains like stained glass. I have a rough draft of a novel that I want to revise. I have a hereditary wizard of noble background who eschews his birthright, defies a powerful Queen because he knows her secret, and loses his direction because he has been told what to do and where to stand. He has to redefine himself and determine who he will be as opposed to who he won’t be.

I know this character inside and out. I laid the rough draft aside last August because I could not stand how bad my own writing was and I needed to improve my skill to do him justice.

This morning I thought about his world. Changes. How marvelous it is that I can imagine a world of magic and gun powder, sloops and dragons, schooners and wee folk. I will be re-imagining his world and his story. I am anticipating great hours spent in incubative darkness and solitary meditation to give birth to a re-imagined world. To create a lifelike realism in fantasy, there are so many details to think through. Think of all things in our everyday existence that we take for granted. While much of it may never come through in the actual novel, it has to be background that is there and assumed. I have to move from the created and assumed as opposed to the never given a thought.

What things or considerations should go into creating a fantasy world?



Geography and its impact on society?

How people go about their daily business?

Folk tales? Songs? The local humor?

Dress? Diet? What constitutes lifestyle?

Can you add to my list? What should go into thinking about a fantasy world to make it more real?