Small List of Things I Adore

I am starting a small list of things that I adore. I plan to add to this list until it is GARGANTUAN.

1. Getting some of my assigned writing done and knowing how to proceed with the rest. WOOHOO!
2. Yogurt with strawberries and granola. YUM!
3. Moist dried apricots handed to me by adorable four year old boys. Yeh!
4. Friends who keep me sane. You know who you are!
5. Happy babies who play my silly baby games and gurgle, squeal, and giggle joyously with me. YIPPEE!
6. Cats who know when I am stressed and purr in my ear. And who come home after escaping into the jungle of Michigan.
7. Bright flowers on tall stems that wave in a gentle breeze. Daisies and lilies. WOOT!
8. Children who read stories to me because I need to be read to.
9. Music that makes my feet want to dance and my body want to move. Yeh!

I like odd numbers so I think I will stop there.