So this is World Con

So this is World Con.

Panels! discussions! artwork in the exhibit hall! parties! people dressed in costume! your favorite authors strolling down the hall in passing!

I am incredibly tired today. I was up tooo late last night. I went to the Masquerade which is a kind of combination talent show/costume fashion parade and then to a party where I met George R.R. Martin. He is very nice and was holding court in a room where raffle tickets were being sold to raise money for a children’s literacy program. The prizes were books that had been donated by various authors including Martin.

I started feeling wonky yesterday like I was getting sick and so I made a point of eating three meals and I took a nap. There are so many panels and discussions to go to that it is hard to know when to take a break!

I will write more later if I can find internet and I get a chance.