13 Mysteries

I was reading New Scientist this morning and there is an article called 13 More Things That Don’t Make Sense.

Any of these things would make a marvelous start for a science fiction story.

They are as follows:

1. “Axis of Evil”– I am not so certain of the title of this one. It is about the pattern of radiation that was left after the Big Bang.
2. Dark Flow– This one I want to investigate further. Something very large that we cannot see is pulling other massive objects towards it at speeds that can only be comprehended in galactic terms. It is like a giant Hover vacuum sucking in galaxies.
3. Eocene Hothouse– During the Eocene the temperature on the Earth was MUCH warmer. It is estimated that at the poles the average temperature was between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.
4. Fly By Anomalies– Space probes that are used the slingshot effect to get past the Earth seem to get a little extra boost from somewhere and are moving much faster than they should be.
5. Hybrid Life– This one I need to investigate a bit because I am not entirely certain exactly what New Scientist means by this one, but they are saying that it is not possible to have two distinct evolutionary lines fuse and yet the oceans have examples of this.
6. Morgellons disease which is a disease that isn’t supposed to exist. Again, I don’t know much about this one but I am going to go looking for info later.
7. The Bloop–In 1997 US ocean monitoring equipment heard some sounds that were very mysterious and very loud and no one has heard them since or knows what they were.
8. Antimatter Mystery– So when the Big Bang went off why wasn’t the Universe instantly annihilated by the equal amounts of matter and antimatter colliding and making whoppee?
9. The Lithium Problem– Where is all the lithium? There’s supposed to be more.
10. Einstein Wrong?–Radiation from a gamma burst reached the Earth 4 minutes later than the lower energy rays and that is incompatible with Einstein’s calculations.
11. No Monopoles– Magnetic poles always have a north and a south pole. Why?
12. The Universe is a Holographic Projection?– There is some mysterious noise at the edge of the universe. Dud signals from a gravitational wave detector?
13. Nocebo Effect– Thoughts can kill. A diagnosis of a terminal illness can become reality and kill even if the original diagnosis was wrong.

Fun stuff from New Scientist to play with!