Connections to the Other


This morning I watched a fox across the field. Its silhouette stood dark against the white snow. It turned and looked up at the window where I stood. It paused and trotted away.

I saw a brown rabbit scramble over a snow hillock and then sit serenely.

When I arrived home, there was a lump of brown in my car parking space. I stopped the car short of pulling fully in, stepped out of the car, and looked at the small body. A still mouse lay near the front of my car. It made me sad to think that it had died in the cold and without its mouse kin. Perhaps it chose the company of humans? Perhaps it has been living in my car and crawled out to die?

If the sky is clear tonight there will be falling stars. Even when I think I am utterly alone, there is always someone else. Do you ever wonder if another person wishes upon your star? And what kind of connection does that make to the other?