New Year Audrey Hepburn Challenge

It is a new year– 2011. And a fabulous year it will be!

Over the holiday week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I watched the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a friend. It is one of my all time favorite movies and we were inspired to watch it because he had read Truman Capote’s brilliant novella of the same name. My friend loaned me the book that the novella is in and I can say that Truman Capote’s writing is inspired. The movie and the novella are not the same and I think in many ways the novella is better. Capote’s study of the character of Holly Golightly is complex and the novella has several points of tension that lead to the final climax. All of the action stems directly from the amazingly realized character of Holly. She is an enigma and reading the novella one is propelled through the story to try to understand her as she creates and responds to the self damaging situations that she puts herself into.

Despite the brilliance and depth of Capote’s novella, it doesn’t have Audrey Hepburn. Originally the role of Holly Golightly was to be played by Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe had a well developed sense of comedic timing and would have been good in the role. Audrey Hepburn was positively luminous. While George Peppard’s acting was not as wooden as it would become in later roles, he was the straight man who falls in love with Audrey Hepburn’s wild, beguiling, and vulnerable Holly Golightly. Hepburn’s natural class lent her Holly a high level of charm and sophistication and she infused the character with depth. Audrey Hepburn brought style to every character that she played.

After seeing Audrey Hepburn portray Holly Golightly I was thinking about how clothing can change a person’s attitude and outlook on things. When I am feeling low, I dress up. I began to think about what it would feel like to dress like Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly. I decided that I would like to experiment and try it for a week. However, currently I would not feel comfortable doing so. I need to lose a few pounds. So I have given myself the Audrey Hepburn challenge. I need to lose 20 pounds and then I get to wear clothing for a week like Holly Golightly. I’ll keep you posted on how things are going. For now I will continue with my own sense of style and work on eating right and exercising.