Snow Day

Today there was a snow day for Aspen Public Schools. This is a rare event in Aspen! Aspen is known for cold and snow and skiing. Aspenites are the hardy among the hardiest when it comes to snow. I had a classmate explain to me the other night what it feels like to have snow fall on your face while skiing downhill. It sounded remarkably cold and unpleasant.

So for me, today was an utter gift from the universe. Every once in awhile it is just an amazing pleasure to have a day free with nothing to do but whatever one likes.

I remember when I was a child, I grew up in a small town on Lake Michigan. The raw cold coming off the lake was beautiful in its terribleness. The water would lap at the shore and create sculptures of layers of ice. I remember sitting in the house on snow days and they would be like some magical event. The cold outside was like a predator circling the house. The snowflakes would come down in a tumbling fragile beauty. The mounds of snow simplified the landscape. Dark trees, grey houses, white snow. Such a hush on the morning of a snow day. No buses. No cars. The window pane would be painted with frost on the outside, fogged on the inside. I would sit and just observe. Warm. Quiet. No rush to be anywhere. To remember books or homework.

I am thankful for snow days when I can be in the cozy house, tucked under blankets, drinking lapsang souchong, and reading my book.