How to Be a Better Writer



Write write write write write!

Seriously, the only way to get better is to practice. I have been reviewing all of my old blogger blogposts. I have been editing them and transporting them into this website. Some of my posts from 5 years ago make me cringe, but now I know how to edit. I also have more of a sense of writing for others and some of the posts are just being deleted.

In addition to just getting better at writing by writing more, it becomes easier. If you show up every day, the muse knows where to find you. I think Stephen King might be the one who said that. This morning I was listening to an Open Book podcast featuring Nick Harkaway. He talked about being the son of writer and so he knew it was just a job. He knew that you got up in the morning and started writing. No mystery about it. Editors and publishers love him because he gets the job done. He is not waiting for mystical intervention, the right mood, inspiration, or any other hooey. He is just doing the job.

So to start to be a better writer– write!