Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope today is filled with treats and no tricks, well at least only fun stuff.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Let’s just make this Halloween the BEST! Think back to when you were a small child, what would have been the best? Be the adult that the small child in you would have wanted to be at that door.

Teenagers Need Candy!

For those passing out candy this year, when a teenager comes to your door, please give them the candy. And without saying “aren’t you too old to be doing this?” Because they could be out doing things much worse like drinking & driving, vandalizing, drugs, etc. I would rather they be knocking on my door asking for candy & having safe/ legal fun than seeing them doing something dangerous. Kids grow up way too fast. Let them spend one evening channeling their inner childhood. Let them just have fun! Fun is good!

No Costume? No Problemo!

Please don’t refuse a child candy because they aren’t dressed up. Some children have autism and/or sensory issues that make dressing up challenging. Also, I used to be a teacher and every year I brought in trunks of costumes because some children cannot afford a costume. Please be kind, everyone you see is participating the best they can. They just want to have fun! And have candy!

Make All Welcome!

Don’t get antsy if they don’t look like they’re from “your” neighborhood. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. Perhaps they want to spend an evening in a place as nice and safe as where you live. Maybe they live in the country where there aren’t enough houses close together. Please just be kind to everyone! Have fun!

Don’t Judge a Book

One last thing, size doesn’t always determine mental age or special needs. You may see a teenager, but they may still relate as a younger child!

Have Fun!

Please be kind. You are already being generous, open your heart a little more! Be that really cool house!

Actually, wouldn’t it just be awesome if Halloween was a big street party? A chance to go out and hang with all the neighbors? And costumes are just fun!

Have fun! Eat some candy! Give out some candy! Wear a costume or not and enjoy other people’s costumes! It only happens once a year, make it the best!