About Me?

About Me?

About Me

This page is about me, the author of “the stars are not made of fire”. I am not an AI spitting out content or altering the content from a feed somewhere. Landing on my site, means you are on the site of a genuine human being. Bona fide.

Past Me

In the past I would have said I was a Bohemian goddess imagining catapults, paints, and painting with catapults. Often I had dyed skin up to my elbows from tie-dyeing shirts. For a few years, I could be found at the kitchen table calculating probabilities, finding limits, and learning to code. In odd spare moments over the last two decades, I was the reincarnation of some obscure author in a flouncy shirt with ink-stained sleeves dreaming of imagined beings and the far flung reaches of outer space. Before coffee I was a grey-fleshed zombie with bad hair.  I used to travel as much as I could because we have so little time on the planet and there is so much to see.

Current Me

And now we move to the relative current moment, which is oddly a string of current moments extending. But let’s stick to this rough time frame.

These days, I still love to read and to listen. And hearing other people’s stories is fascinating.

While I would happily travel again, due to holding a job with very little personal time off, I don’t travel much now. I should probably check when my passport will expire. I am not done seeing the places, people and things I would like to see. Further, it would be lovely to return to London, Barcelona, Berlin, and Cape Town. Viewing the world through a camera lens allows me to frame and filter reality to create a concise story. I want to be able to visually tell stories of the human condition again. I like to find the history and the beauty.

In contrast to my past when coffee was queen, tea is my favorite beverage these days because I was told not to drink coffee. Lapsang souchong and English breakfast teas are my particular favorites. Two and a half minutes. With almond milk.

Poetry is as essential as air. Further, I am captivated by color which is as relative as time. In addition, I believe trigonometry is elegant, code is communication, and we should always consider who or what we are in service to. Kindness. The world needs more kindness.

All together?

In conclusion, I am one small insignificant being in a great wide universe and I am trying to find my place in the grand scheme. My strengths are I love to learn; creatively combine what I know and am learning; problem solve and think; and bring compassion and kindness to my situation. I hope I can present a body of posts that will be of interest. I can also be found on twitter at: https://twitter.com/BowmanAnnette or @BowmanAnnette.

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