Photograph: Buddha Statue

Photograph: Buddha Statue

When I am in London, I enjoy going to many of the tourist spots– like the British Museum. I am not sure many Londoners ever go there. There is a sarcophagus in the museum that is so beautiful– the first time I saw it, I was overcome. I began to cry. Seeing the Elgin Marbles was a profound experience for me. As was walking amidst the Assyrian and Egyptian statues. I took this photograph of a Buddha statue after spending many hours sketching and meditating with the Buddha. Seeing the photograph calms me even now.

Photograph: Buddha Statue

Halloween Portraits


A few years ago I took a photography class. I decided to do a photo shoot for a project for the class. Because it was Halloween, I asked participants to come, dress up in spooky attire, and allow me to take photographs of them. The afternoon and evening turned out to be rainy and so I set up in my basement a backdrop. The lighting I had available was not necessarily what I would have preferred. Many of the photographs were quite stunning and made striking by the harsh lighting provided by several Ott lights. I would like to do another photo shoot with a super heroes theme!

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Yesterday I was driving home and the autumn light at sunset illuminated the golden aspen leaves and made them glow. Today I went out and I took some photos from the river up the road from my house. I like the sound of water over rocks. I like to watch the ripples and patterns in the way the current moves. It is meditative for me. The trees are changing and when the wind blows the leaves appear to shimmy and sparkle. It is an illusion of the autumnal colour change. It also is a form of temporal magic because what I saw today will not be the same tomorrow. No more the same than the river whose waters are continuously flowing. My photos don’t come close to the experience of sitting on the rocks and watching the leaves in the wind and the water over the rocks.