Interstellar Space Flight

Interstellar Space Flight is not impossible. I was up thinking about it last night. Dreamt about it. The hindrances are: some engineering problems that are solvable, motivation, pulling national governments together for a cooperative effort, and resources.

We are an adaptable species that moves easily into a wide range of habitats and uses are abilities to problem solve to create situations and solutions that enable our expansion into new territories. We are more likely to move into space than we are to stop over-populating the earth. The issue becomes one of cost and benefit. What benefits are there to moving into space that make the cost one worth the risk?

New technologies?
What other resources?

Why set up a moon base? Orbital space cities? Communications that are more reliable, alterable, and repairable than satellites? Defense? Scientific or manufacturing reasons?

Still thinking. Still imagining.

Anybody know of resources that I should look at for further development of thoughts on interstellar space flight?