Thursday Writing Prompts: Fever Dreams

I have not been feeling well all week. I came home this evening and climbed into bed. My thoughts are a little random and so these writing prompts are coming straight from not feeling so great and very tired brain. I hope they can spark some creativity!

1. What kind of monster lives at the bottom of “surprise casserole” in the dormitory cafeteria? How does it survive?

2. What if light poles were a type of sentience and wandered the streets looking to be illuminating? What might this alleviate? What other impacts might there be to this?

3. What if a certain type of running shoe could stimulate something in the human physiology and genuinely improve the athletic ability of people who trained in them?

4. What if the dreams that we dream are really tuning into the thoughts of other alternate universes and this is what is ultimately discovered via theoretical physics? What does this say about flying dreams? Dreams where the physics of the dream defy the laws of ordinary physics?

5. If your point of view character could step into any painting, which painting would they step into? What would be the story behind this?