Thinking in Haiku (Sounds like an ’80’s Pop Song)

I am currently a little mired in doing critiques of other people’s work so I am getting a bit behind on my blogposts. If you are looking for a decent online workshop and you write science fiction, fantasy or horror, check out It is a place where you can critique other people’s work and you can post your own work.

This morning I have been kind of thinking in haiku. Here are a few examples:

Storm blew, bending trees.
Wind chimes cried out the assault.
Little sleep for me.

Coffee, milk, and toast.
Much work to be done today.
Quilt warm, pillow soft.

Sometimes, so very cold
Beyond needing a sweater.
Tears warmer than tea.

By intent a hand
hits a drum, sound fills the air.
Nothing is the same.

The pattern for haiku is 5 syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and the third line again has 5 syllables. It’s good practice to see how dense and succinct you can make the words.