Writing Prompts: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I was thinking about my camera this evening. I am hoping to go snowshoeing one afternoon this weekend and take some pictures so I came up with a set of writing prompts that have to do with either cameras or photographs. Have fun writing!

1. The point of view character buys a camera in an antique shop. They fix it up and try it out. The point of view character discovers that the camera doesn’t take a picture of the person or thing it sees in its lens. A different image appears on the film. What is that image of?

2. The point of view character moves into a new house and takes photographs to post on facebook. They discover that there are gruesome images in the backgrounds of all the photographs. What are these images?

3. A class composite in the hallway of a high school has fading photographs. The point of view character goes back to visit the high school and realizes that all the faded photos are of classmates that have died. Why are the photographs fading?

4. A photographer is a sought out portraitist because they have the ability to make their subjects look better than real life. Where do they derive their power from?

5. A wildlife photographer has the ability to take photos of animals and the animals are then resistant to death. How does this come about? How does the photographer use their ability?