About this Website

About this Website

About this Website. This is a page describing the website-blog of Annette Bowman.

Having been described at different points in my life as a mathematician, an artist, a writer, a reader, and more, I have a lot of interests and kind of collect information the way others collect Pokemon cards, marbles, or stamps. This blog is so I can express myself. I hope I can post something that will be of interest to other people.

If you click on the links across the header, you can find the following:


This is my ongoing blog. It is my meanderings in words and photographs that are not easily categorized by one of the other categories.

Off the Shelf 

A collection of posts offering book reviews. Because while I do watch television, I read more. Book reviews are kind of my equivalent of showing everyone the photos of my cats, except they are books. I do have three cats. Maybe they will appear with the books.

Artists and Poets 

A collection of posts– about artists and poets. So many good poets and brilliant artists have proceeded all of us. And many more are currently producing great works. These are folks to be inspired by; to rediscover one’s humanity through; and to see the world from a different angle.

The Pen is Mighty 

A few posts on writing.

Math and Tech

A few years ago, I changed careers. Previously, I was an early childhood special education teacher. While I am still finding my way, I switched to software development. I have learned a healthy smattering of C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Java. Deepening my knowledge, I am on a formal course of study to learn computer science and a self-directed path to learn principles of instructional design, how to design for UX, and the best practices of front end development. I am hoping over the next couple years to merge my love of color, art and design with my education background and coding skills.

Uppity Women

These posts tell about strong, outstanding people from our current time period back through our global past. All of these people are or were women. Rarely or lightly mentioned in history books, they deserve more prominence and girls and women need to know about them. I write about them because I find their stories and accomplishments inspirational.

About Me?

A page that tells a little about me. (Even the title raises a certain level of existential angst. I mean what do you present to the whole world wide web? Coffee on the front of your t-shirt? Size nine shoes and a love of fortune cookies? A belief in poltergeists but not unicorns? Or the worst– gasp… I read poetry. And I enjoy it.)





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