If not now, when?


I practiced the fiddle for an hour this morning. Scales– G, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and not the A. Oh Susanna! Ole Joe Clark. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Bile Them Cabbage Down.

Real advanced stuff as I am sure you can tell. My dogs would agree with you if they were in the house. I take their howling as encouragement.

I think I want to work more later on “Big Rock Candy Mountain” and “I’ll Fly Away”.

I play some guitar as well. Just chords. I am learning now how to read music. When I was a kid I moved in fifth grade from a school district with a music program that featured listening to the same dusty set of records over and over again to one with award winning bands, an orchestra, and multiple choirs. The music teacher at the new school did not know what to do with me who had never even seen a recorder, so she ignored me for two years. And I never learned about how to play music and read music. Currently, my fiddle instructor, Isaac Weiss, is teaching me. He’s great.

I was thinking on stuff this morning over coffee.

Learning an instrument takes vision. And investment. And belief in yourself. If I only went on the way I play fiddle right now, I would give up because it sounds pretty bad. However, I practice a few hours a week and every week the notes become a bit clearer, the music makes more sense, and I am starting to hear melodies. It is thrilling.

Lots of skills, achievements and whatnot require this trio of vision, investment of effort over time, and belief in yourself. No one has lost weight, saved for a trip, wrote a novel, completed a 5K, learned to ski, etc. without this trio.

The way I see it, one can sit in the bath warm and cozy and getting all pruney or waste time in front of the television or whatever…

OR you can decide now is the time for __________________

Sometimes, these things have an optimal time, but if you wait for that time will it ever really come? If you don’t start socking away $20/week for that trip to Japan, will you ever get there? If you don’t start setting aside retirement money, how will it happen? If you don’t take those first steps, how will you run that half marathon? If you don’t start writing, how will that novel in your head end up on the page? If not now, when?