National Poem in Your Pocket Day

Poetry is a happy thing! It is like a puzzle where words are used as tightly as possible to convey multiple meanings and emotion. I love poetry. I love the economy of poetry. And the possible impact.

Today, I am carrying “Crystal Spider Ascension” by Charles Wright in my pocket. What are you carrying in your pocket?

Crystal Spider Ascension

The spider, juiced crystal and Milky Way, drifts on his web through the night sky
And looks down, waiting for us to ascend …

At dawn he is still there, invisible, short of breath, mending his net.

All morning we look for the white face to rise from the lake like a tiny star.
And when it does, we lie back in our watery hair and rock.

April 26 is “National Poem in Your Pocket” Day

I have heard of carrying a song in your heart and actually playing music lightens my spirits in ways nothing else can. I also read poetry and write poetry every week because I love the challenge that poetry presents. Poetry is using the strength of words. It is the words reverberating with meaning beyond the simplicity of their presence on the page. Poetry is when the words are a choreography of grace.

Tomorrow is National Poem in Your Pocket Day. What poem will you carry in your pocket?