by Annette Bowman


Words go beyond…

the contrast of

black and white.


Tough rats.

Said the cats,

When the vermin walked away.


The lover pondered the beloved’s words.

Tumbling in a tangle

Like twisted sheets

The morning after.


symphonically toned,


Salty, sour,

Spicy, bitter….

Grabbing you by

your “frontal lobes”.

Total penetration.

If ya know what I mean.




Cotton candy

Is just dandy.

Said the teen with no teeth.


“You had me at hello.”


Oh, so coyly flirting there.

Rocking the world,

tickling a fancy,

teasing with mystery,

seducing with one first opening line.



“I care about you.”

Bend and pray.

Said the priest today,

To the sinner who escaped.


“That means a lot.”


Make me hurl.

Said the matchstick girl

When the Mercedes drove away.


A friend put on glasses

and suddenly could see

the leaves out of the green

on the tree.

And the words

Were clear.


“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”