Happy New Year’s Eve Day!


Happy New Year’s Eve Day!

It is the day of New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year’s Eve Day! I almost posted yesterday when it was the day before the day before New Year’s Eve. Maybe I will post on the day after New Year’s Eve day.

The point is humans love to make meaning and we as human beings need to keep track of time. It makes it easier to plant crops, force the populace to pay annual taxes, to tally up birthdays, and more when we know when the earth has traveled around the sun one whole time. Marking the solar return is better than counting those pesky moon cycles. Look at how random Easter and Ramadan are.

A new beginning starts…

Reality? A new beginning starts when any one of us decides a new beginning starts. It could be right now to coincide with the new year. Every year I see the gym fill up in January with new folks committed to getting thinner and more in shape. It could be that moment when you finish the most inspiring book you have ever read and it is time to do whatever you are inspired to do. Or it could be some Thursday morning in April.

It is not the pledge of New Year’s that holds magic. It is the commitment to do whatever. Change is hard. Sometimes brutally hard. It might mean slogging through hours and hours of reading websites for a solution to a programming problem. Or commenting out a line or two of code at a time until you find the bug. Sometimes it means writing every morsel of food down, going to the gym every day, and drinking gallons of water just to see the scale edge down ever so slowly. Sometimes it means writing 500 really crappy words per day with the leap of faith that if you just keep doing it, the daily 500 words per day will get better. Look for those things that are king pins. What one or two changes will make the biggest differences and motivate more changes?

So will today or tomorrow be a new beginning beyond the beginning of the new year?