Speculation. Why do we speculate? Why do we wonder?

There was a time and place in history when it was believed the sun was a fiery chariot. If the chariot was driven too close to the earth, the earth would be scorched by the flames and be barren. Alternately, if the horses of the sun chariot pulled too hard on the reins and veered off course, the earth would be plunged into frozen desperation. It took a god to drive the chariot along the middle path of the heavens.

But, the stars are not made of fire. Fire is an oxidation process, a chemical process. Three elements are needed for fire to happen: oxygen, heat and fuel. Without one of these ingredients a fire cannot start or continue.

Stars are massive, luminous balls of plasma held together by their own gravity. For most of its life, a star shines due to thermonuclear fusion in its core which releases energy that traverses the star’s interior and then radiates into outer space.

Almost all elements heavier than hydrogen and helium were created by fusion processes in stars. Which means the stuff we are made of originated in the stars. But it took several millennia of questioning thought, testing, and speculation to come to this hypothesis.

We are a species of scientists and artists. We are dreamers. We speculate, imagine, brain storm, play, experiment, and problem solve. We are constantly curious and questing. We are constantly seeking the truth, but the truth is a slippery chameleon that changes with the environment. As new understandings arise they change the complexion of the truth. We must be ever curious and questing. We must be looking for the universal truth that will touch souls now and in the future. We must search out the theory that will revolutionize thought and move humanity’s collective understanding forward. We must remember once upon a time the sun was a fiery chariot and we still have not successfully managed to replicate the cold fusion of the stars.

The interests of this blog, my diary, lie in what is, what could be, what will never be except in the imagination, and what might be if the frame of reference is shifted a wee bit. I like to explore ways to nudge the point of view, the reference. I enjoy devious questions. Like, why? And, what if?

I will post my thoughts on writing, creating artwork, developing a creative habit, techniques to develop creativity, interesting information that I encounter in my wayfaring travels over the landscape of the internet, my adventures in trying to make money doing creative endeavors, and whatever else strikes my fancy because far flung ideas, images, and information combined together can lead to innovation.