If I think I fall asleep, blogpost on food

I woke up this morning sometime around four in the morning after falling asleep last night somewhere in the vicinity of eight o’clock. I was trying to get some work done last night. Something that I seem incapable of this week. This morning before dawn I opened this blank blogpost page to write something. And froze. So I went and made some coffee and then came back and sat and stared at the blank page for a bit. And fell asleep. I seem to close down whenever anything approaching a cogent thought whispers over the wrinkly folds of my grey matter. And it is starting to irritate me.

I can deal with the here and now. Food. Probably sex. But this blog isn’t THAT kind of blog.

Coffee. My coffee is an exploration in geography. Roasted Sumatran beans from a company called Seattle’s Best, flavored with a sweetened brick of Mexican chocolate bought on a whim in a delicatessen.

I went to a tea shop yesterday and had a cup of lapsang souchang with soy milk and looked at cookbooks. I collected recipes. A while ago I was given a twenty pound bag of sweet potatoes. If you ever want to test your creative abilities, I challenge you to the twenty pound bag of sweet potatoes test. And I’ll give you a hint. Sweet potatoes are great in sushi. Put some sticky rice on a piece of nori paper, run a fill of carmelized onions with shiitake mushrooms, a fill of baked hickory flavored tofu, and a line of julienned sweet potatoes fried in olive oil. Schmear the edge of the nori paper with umeboshi paste, roll, and cut. It doesn’t even need soy it is so good. The recipes that I found yesterday were for Sweet Potato Waldorf Salad, Sweet Potato Pound Cake, Sweet Potato Corn Bread, New Orleans Sweet Potato Salad, and Sweet Potatoes with Brown Rice and Kale. I also make marvelous Sweet Potato Burritos.

Today I have to cook a meal for one of the world’s truly unique characters. An opinionated bright light who is such a larger than life persona at his tender age that I have no doubts that he will go on to great things. He is incisive, opinionated, loving, passionate in his occupations, and challenges the status quo with his humorous statements about the obvious absurd nature of things.

Food. Today we will have Sweet Potato Waldorf Salad (you didn’t think a meal with people coming over would escape from the sweet potatoes, did you?), fresh greens from the garden with vinaigrette, cheesy lasagna made in the slow cooker (I may photograph this as I make it and post it later because it is yummy and very inexpensive and easy), brats & sausage on the grill, veggie patties on the grill, lamb (because a sacrifice is needed to lift the curse and a friend suggested a goat but well I don’t think anyone would eat it), chocolate cake and ice cream, and juice and soda pop and beer.