What A Wonderful World

Today, despite still feeling a wee bit under the weather due to the lingering effects of an ear infection and a round of antibiotics, I was overwhelmed by how wondrous the world is. Sometimes when I stop and consider, I realize that life is very much an adventure and there are so many interesting and exciting things. So many things to learn, see, experience. It’s a choice to embrace all that is available and to stay open to what our world has to offer. This is a small sample from today:

I read about how if children are talked to more, and through this simple act have their vocabularies enriched, it helps them to achieve better academically.

I went to a lecture where it was discussed how string theory can help to explain tricky problems involving condensed matter physics. The lecture was specifically about viscosity and how viscosity does not vary despite pressure and it appears to have a set minimum.

I picked up yummy bagels off a park bench because the bakery puts them out at the end of the day for anyone who wants to take them for free. This was a big help because this month my paycheck is not stretching as far as it should.

I talked with a friend of mine who lives halfway around the world through the miracle of the internet. A hundred years ago it would have taken weeks of traveling by ship to hear his voice or to send a letter.

I was able to pull up any music that I wanted to listen to this afternoon while I worked in my office. I listened to rock, reggae, Celtic folk, Afrobeat, and classical music.

I found and reread an archeology article about the murders of five children and an older woman that occurred 3000 years ago. The murders are a topic of speculation and the evidence is still being examined. As technology improves new clues are deciphered.

I listened to Noam Chomsky on the radio discuss the ramifications of the protests in Cairo.

I read an article disputing the methodology used in analyzing the DNA of mummies in Egypt and comparing it to the DNA analysis that has been done on other long dead individuals.

I spoke to a co-worker about recreating a traditional Italian dish that I had read about in a fantasy novel set in Renaissance Italy, but I made the recipe vegetarian.

I watched the beginning of the fifth season of Dr. Who and saw the eleventh doctor this evening. I am undecided about what I think about Matt Smith. I very much liked David Tennant’s portrayal of the Doctor.

I heard the snow. When it is very cold, it sounds like you are walking on styrofoam because it squeaks under your shoes. A writer that I know on an online writers’ forum described it like this and she is absolutely correct.

It’s late at the moment. The air is very cold. I need to sleep so that tomorrow I can be ready for another day.