Just Checking In…

Today. It has been most of a month since I last posted. This post is mostly just a “state of things” post. I have homework to do for my relational database course and for my C++ data structures course, so I’ll keep things brief. This semester is almost done– woohoo. I also have tutorials I want to watch for work so I can keep working on learning how to develop web applications using Java, Spring and Maven– learning never ends. While they may be a tad outdated, I am learning Java server pages.

Learning About Relational Databases

“In a third normal form relation, every non-key attribute must depend on the key, the whole key, and nothing but the key, so help me Codd.”  If you understand this,… well you know what I am talking about. I have been trying to relate aspects of relational databases to everyday things and experiences. For instance, an update anomaly is an update of a single data value that ends up requiring multiple rows of data to be updated. To my mind it is kind of like buying a whole new wardrobe after too much pie. The whole point of normalizing data is to reduce redundancy and deal with the various anomalies that could happen.

C++ Pointers

In C++, pointers are a programmer’s best friend. Being able to keep track of the pointers without a scorecard is a handy skill. I have been practicing. It is like doing drills.


Thanksgiving is over. I have a strange relationship to Thanksgiving, so I will focus on the gratitude part. I don’t understand a holiday celebrated by eating to excess and then spending excessively the day after. When overconsumption is killing people and the planet, Thanksgiving as it is celebrated in my opinion feels off.

Also, I am vegetarian.

Thanksgiving equates with turkey and no sculpted pseudo-turkey from whatever protein substitute quite cuts it. It is ok to let the notion of turkey go if you are vegetarian. I think Thanksgiving lasagna might be a good new tradition to start. Or just have pumpkin pie. The absurdity of those massive inflated balloons bouncing down the streets in the parades make me giggle.


I am grateful for many things, people, situations, opportunities, etc. in my life. Things are off and on again very challenging. I am tired often. That is just the way of things. But all of this is good because it means I am learning.

Practicing violin is magnificent because I love the feel of the violin in my hands. I like the sense of accomplishment when I move through the scales and hit the notes with precision. I am working on songs.

When my classes are over, I will do some sewing. I bought fabric earlier today. I am grateful to have money to buy fabric. The textures of the fabric and the colors please me greatly. Booker, who keeps me company while I work on homework, daily makes me smile.

Christmas is coming

We put up the Christmas tree yesterday. I am not Christian so I have a very uneasy relationship with Christmas too. Yup, most holidays I annually spend trying to figure out how I relate to them. Examined life and all that. Giving things to people I adore, please me. I like the lights. And cookies. I usually give myself a 12 cookie limit for the whole season and then spend my cookie allotment wisely.

Next time, I’ll post something with more substance. Maybe Java naming conventions because that stuff really isn’t trivial. Or how to set up a Java programming environment and just get started. Time to put my head down and work through the next few weeks. If you can spare the positive vibes, send them my way to help me get through finals.