A Writing Prompt!

Bum pa, bum pa, pa pum…

And now for your amusement!

A writing prompt to tickle your creativity!

Words to be used: bound, dust, impregnable, bolt, ravel, temper. (Notice anything fun about these words?) Include at least one color and one number.

Alternately, look at Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” and use it for inspiration. It is at the top of this post.

This does not have to be anywhere close to “perfect” or even good. It’s just to have some fun with.

New Fantasy Elements Challenge: What is taking over Detroit?

I recently wrote about the movie Wizards which is a movie that I very much like because it broke some of the stereotypes of fantasy and created new combinations. I have decided that I am tired to death of the old fantasy tropes. I am bored with reading about the faeries of European folklore transported into an urban environment virtually unchanged. Tolkienesque fantasy to me feels very outmoded.

Time magazine’s latest issue is about the disaster that is Detroit. The unemployment rate as of August 2009 was over 30% and the population is dwindling. Or is it? What could be claiming Detroit? Gremlins were invented in the last century. They were not traditional folklore. What new spirits haunt Motown and shuffle to the old beats? What wheels are turning? Who is drinking the blood of the whitetail deer in the metroparks? How is the foliage overcoming half burnt out and deserted crack houses who creak under the burden of the Virginia Creeper? What hammer taps are heard and who is making them?

We are the dreamers of dream and the voices to bring forth the new from imagination. We can create anything.

What if there is a rust flake who pisses on parked cars and causes the undercarriage to rust?

What if the green goddesses’ youngest children have been listening to the anger of the streets and are rising up with thorned arms and tendrilled fingers? Dancing to a more raucous beat than the quiet hush of meadow grasses.

What if every time you hear the sound of breaking glass another dozen shrieks are born that run off to incite violence to quench their blood lust?

What if the will-o-wisp has evolved into a screaming blue and red flashing symbiote that assists a nightcrawler who dons the uniform of a policeman and together they ride the night looking for isolated couples who they can prey upon?

Just some ideas. Up to the challenge to create more? Mine are just off the top of my head.

From Every Point, A Thousand Points of Divergence

Imagine if you could travel back in time and inhabit a younger version of yourself. Or relive a day until you got it right– like in Groundhog Day.

In order to be able to go back to a younger version of yourself, you would have to accept the possibility that you might change things dramatically about your life or you might not. I don’t know which would be easier or harder to accept.

What joyous moments would you relive? Just for the sake of reliving them.

What regrets would you try to redress?

Just a prompt to set folks thinking.